[3830] ARRL Jan VHF W7CE Single Op HP

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Mon Jan 25 10:22:49 PST 2010

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Call: W7CE
Operator(s): W7CE
Station: W7CE

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: CN87oa
Operating Time (hrs): 21.5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  163    40
    2:   97    18
  222:   20     6
  432:   37    11
  903:    7     1
  1.2:   15     3
Total:  339    79  Total Score = 36,498

Club: Pacific Northwest VHF Society


The unexpected happened this year and we had two 6M sporadic E openings on
Saturday.  The first lasted about two hours.  It started in Southern CA and
moved east to Arizona for a total of 40 contacts in 16 new grids.  Three hours
later we had a 20 minute opening to Northern CA that also included a couple of
contacts in Southern CA.  This resulted in another 20 contacts in 7 new grids. 
It almost felt like the June contest.  No EME contacts this year.  I tried to
work a sched with K5QE but no joy there.  I did make three meteor scatter
contacts in two new grids on Sunday morning.

Local activity was also very high this year.  Lots of new calls and a few
rovers helped keep things busy.

I got my 33cm station going for the first time and increased the height of my
23cm antennas by 25 feet.  The result was to double the number of four point
contacts for those two bands.

Overall, a really good contest this year.  My best score ever for the January
contest.  I plan to add 13cm to the station lineup by June.

Clay  W7CE CN87oa

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