[3830] CQ160 CW K0EU Single Op Assisted HP

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Sun Jan 31 12:14:52 PST 2010

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: K0EU
Operator(s): K0EU
Station: K0EU

Class: Single Op Assisted HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

Total:  QSOs = 467  State/Prov = 58  Countries = 53  Total Score = 170,163

Club: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado


Could only do a limited part time effort.  Concentrated on trying to work new
countries, but only snagged one (LX).  Did manage to work all states, although
the QSO with WQ5L for #50 was a real struggle.  Sure glad he was QRV.  Also
thanks to KD4POJ and N0SXX for N/S Dakotat which always seem to be tough.

First time ever working 1/2 DXCC in one weekend on top band.  Conditions were
fantastic, especially the first night into Europe.  Wish my RX capabilities
would have allowed me to work the T7, Z37, and EA9.  Just couldn't pull them
out even with the ESP switch turned on %->

1/4 wave sloper off 120 foot tower, K9AY Rx loops, 290 foot beverage to the
east, FT1000D, HF2500, N1MM software.

Randy K0EU

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