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Thu Jul 1 17:52:52 PDT 2010

                    RAC Canada Day Contest

Call: VE1RAC
Operator(s): VE1RGB
Station: VE1RGB

QTH: Halifax, NS
Operating Time (hrs): 17

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  CW Mults  Ph Mults
  160:   10              4          
   80:   42              5          
   40:  185              7          
   20:  317             10          
   15:   68              4          
   10:   17              2          
Total:  639     0       32         0  Total Score = 105,344

Club: Maritime Contest Club


I would have called conditions poor although my score doesn't reflect that since
it is 17K higher than last year.  Much to my great pleasure I had numerous short
runs gusting well over 200/hr and one full hour at 90.  

My fellow hams at MCC supplied a significant numer of mults but as is usual for
me, the rare places up north in Canada were silent.  

This will be an interesting log to analyze with SH5, especially if that program
will count my number of QSYs which were, like, every five minutes.  That turned
out to be good policy since both 10M and 15M could, when they decided to
function, be quite fruitful (if you remembered to go looking).

The results I'm most anxious to see are those of Bill, K4LTA.  He has been
scouping the top CW prize in this contest regularly and that burns a little
because my club dues pay for that trophy and I'd like to own one myself.  Once
was OK but it has become habitual on Bill's part.   I always watch throughout
the contests to see how he is doing.  In this case, I found myself going
neck-and-neck with Bill in total number of Qs until the point where I lost
track of him at about 550 Qs.  Please God, let it be mine.  I can't look.

Rig:  K3 #95 plus panadapter (waiting on the P3)
Antennas:  160M delta loop at 90 ft and 80M dipole at 75 ft plus 40-6M

TNX for the Qs and the mults
Gary, VE1RGB

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