[3830] NCCC Sprint WF7T LP

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Thu Jul 1 20:47:59 PDT 2010

                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - Jul 2

Call: WF7T
Operator(s): WF7T
Station: WF7T

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): .5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   8      6
   40:  11     10
   20:   9      6
Total:  28     23  Total Score = 644

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


First off, thanks very much to the group for allowing me to play along this

Tonight everything started right...while I am always slow on 20M the EDZ was
working nicely to the W and seemed to be pretty good short too--Thank you EDZ
and your small but useful side lobes! <-- my new totem name?

Nice and relaxed, I switched to 40M and the rate was great but noticed my
computer acting up (which never happens...everything else messes up around here
but never my computers!) Then it locked...Buh?  It dawned on me I had
resource-hungry Tweetdeck running, a bunch of spot pages up in Chrome and
darned if Vista wasn't screaming for an automatic software upgrade.  Lesson
number 42: Always reboot your computer before the contest.

I went silent for a number of minutes while I waited for the stupid thing to
reboot.  I was going to jump into the fray manually, but I was ill-prepared as
had no paper other than the back of bill envelopes. Made me wish for a second
standby computer. That one, the work laptop, was still in the bag in the living
room...lessons #43 and 44 in there I suppose. So instead I listened to all you
fine operators work your magic.

I am using version 10.6.5 for the first time tonight and I notice some sluggish
operation. I should have already been in the mod log but instead I hastily
installed it and didn't really test it out.  For some reason I chose to send
manually in SNS.  I managed to get through the rest of the contest OK with some
annoyances. Lessons, lessons...

So after 8 minutes of exciting reboot action I came back on 80M and tried to
make up for lost time.  I again sustained pretty good rate albeit not feeling
terribly loud.  Dropped back to 40M for the last few minutes and got a couple
more multipliers.  Ending with K6XX right at the bell.

In retrospect, I am very happy with my performance tonight as I kept a pretty
good clip--just under 1Q/M and felt very confident I could have been above 35Q
if it were not for the 8 minutes of listening.  Pure speculation, sure, but I
think I am making slow progress.  Thanks again for letting me be an understudy.
You guys are awesome!

73 Brad "Small Lobes" WF7T

NS LADDER 1.16 - WF7T         
 1 MI   2 MS   3 OH   4 SC   5 TN   6 TX  
 1 CA   2 FL   3 GA   4 KS   5 MD   6 MN   7 NH   8 RI   9 SD   10 WY  
 1 CA   2 DX   3 NC   4 OH   5 PA   6 TN   7 TX  
160M  QSOS  =   0 in  0 minutes
 80M  QSOS  =   8 in  5 minutes
 40M  QSOS  =  11 in  14 minutes
 20M  QSOS  =   9 in  12 minutes
TOTAL QSOS  =  28 in  31 minutes
Total MULTS   =  23.
*** FINAL SCORE =  644 Points ***


IC-7600 @ 100W
88' doublet firing E/W @ 35'
WinKeyer USB/N1MM 10.6.5

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