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Sun Jul 4 04:33:27 PDT 2010

                    DL-DX RTTY Contest

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: SOAB-24 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:    1    10     1
   40:   43   485    24
   20:  189  2375    48
   15:   33   335    10
   10:    9    90     7
Total:  275  3295    91  Total Score = 299,845

Club: British Columbia DX Club


The gear this time out:

* FT-2000 and SB-221
* N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* 3 ele. SteppIR at 27'
* 40M  -- SteppIR dipole at 27'
* 80M  -- twin vertical array E-W

DLDX RTTY was a load of fun. The first half was very tough, but 20M opened to
EU for hours on end Saturday evening, and 40M opened nicely to JA for a couple
of hours. Not lots of rate, but plenty of enjoyment. Spent so much time working
20M that I didn't get down to 80M until it was far too late to find anyone
awake. Just one Q there.

The Steppir 3 el. + 40M dipole performed better than it has lately, thanks to
the operator's wise move to take down a wire half-square array that was just
too close to the yagi. Interaction is gone, and the beam works as it should
once again.

All Qs were made with the Steppir at just 27' as there were gusty winds

Did not think I'd land much in the way of points this time out, and that held
true for the first half of the contest, but the mults began to appear as dark
fell over BC. I stayed in the chair a few extra hours, and finished with my
best ever in this test.

15M was open but not much activity. Still, far better there this year than the
past several years. And 10M opened, offering up 9 Qs, 5 call areas and 2
country mults. That was a great boost vs. the long drought years from which
we're only now slowly emerging.

With time winding down (and dawn blushing on the horizon), I found Bill W6WRT
on 20M for my final Q at 1054z, taking me to 299,845 points. I scrambled like
crazy to make one more contact to bump the score over 300,000, but there was
nothing else on the band except already-worked RD3A pounding in over the pole
with nobody else heard. Just not much to work on 40 or 20 at 3:59 a.m. local

There's always next time. See lots of you next weekend in IARU!

-- Bud VA7ST

Ended up with: 
 5-pointers      5
10-pointers    175
15-pointers     78 
20-pointers     18

Year  Qs  Mult Score
2010 275   91  299,845 HP 24hr SRI= 72 A= 8 K=1
2009 124   55   75,350 HP  6hr SFI= 67 A= 1 K=1
2008  77   28   21,980 HP  6hr SFI= 65 A=11 K=1
2007 278   75  215,625 HP 24hr SFI= 71 A= 4 K=1>2
2006  77   29   27,405 LP  6hr 
2005  55   29   18,995 LP  6hr
2004  83   41   37,105 LP 12hr

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