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Mon Jul 5 14:27:08 PDT 2010

                    DL-DX RTTY Contest

Call: IQ1RY
Operator(s): IK1HXN, IW1AYD
Station: IQ1RY

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Bra
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs   Pts   Mults
   80:   29    320    14
   40:  248   2977    35
   20:  386   4731    51
   15:  187   2078    37
   10:   61    649    24
Total:  911  10755   161  Total Score = 2,140,245

Club: Barolo Chinato c.c.


Great Contest with so many peoples.
Our experience was much more interesting and intriguing as we tested in 
ours usual environment a new entry at our club station IQ1RY, the FLEX-3000 SDR
It was very well supported by the appropriate IT hardware and software with a 
ultimate 26 inch flat monitor, a pleasure to operate, quite easy to have 
the worlds of friend in view. We worked with really tight filters but 
maintaining a full view of the whole ± 10 KHz band around our QRG, at 
Anyway a clear, full and conscious view of what could be viewed around 
and not only on the QRG in use.
Many thanks to who called us, both ways, those we have in the log and those we
don’t listened but we happily have wrote down. 
Thanks for yours patience and efforts in the several hardest times when 
the QRM was really hard to fight.
Another pretty well done things was that we implemented a TX filter. 
Using PowerSDR(TM) it's quite easy to make it at a bandwidth of 1350 to 
1720 Hz and having low tones at 1445 Hz as by MMTTY setup.
The resulting output, well measured with professional equipment and on the air
by several friends, it makes an unusual clear and crisp low tones set of 
signals. We found it interesting, as netting RX & TX AFSK tones also 
make more easy to stay hours and hours, tireless, at the radio controls.

BTW the prop was really unusual or usually strange as anybody knows and 
somebody already reported really well.
We where so lucky to have had several OMs that logged us on almost all bands.
An unusual numbers of very nearby operators was observes on the highers bands.
Those are several QSO's or HRD's from OE, HB and F. 
More than great signals from ours East, but also several lowers from the same

Just few more words and thoughts.

Early in the Italian morning, just sometimes after the sunrise of our 
second day of operation, we were in QSO with a US HAM, we pushed out a “ 
… 670 670 …”, him wrote back his number and “WOW 670”.
The operator manning IQ1RY at that time could not resists to wrote back in the
last messages “TU … CQ – IT WORK’S IT’S A SDR”.
We really have the feel that we pushed the whole envelope of ours well known
station environment to a new dimension.
Enthusiastic? No, for this particular aspect of ours hobby we know that 
the software must have several new developments prior to come into a 
fully defined and integrated digital contest operating setup over the 
next years. 

Last but not least and not to blame out newest and improving setup, as 
those inconvenient may occurs....we are sorry for the inconvenience with 
FO8RZ, as we abruptly read flag on his soapbox comments. 
All ours apologies for the involuntary procured interference.
We don't even noticed that the QRG wasn't free.
For sure we have had and still have the preference to listen him or somebody
calling him as to have him in the log.
We didn’t see also the entry in the DXCluster until late; really we don’t
have had any clue about Phil on that QRG.
Sorry for that and for ours log, in the order obviously. About this we hope
that we could log ours calls in the future, CUAGN. 

There are simplest and not trivial explications about what happens, but we
anyway regret the procured inconvenience.
Inconvenience that wasn’t intentionally procured and not seen at all from us
at IQ1RY.
If we have had any clue we could "have promptly repaired to the inconvenience"
gaining 15 pts and a multiplier with reciprocal pleasure; we have too much
preferred to strive to have FO8RZ in the log than to gain a red flag at first
Sorry Phil, we will look forward to have you in the logs. 
A bientôt, arrivederci a presto, Phil.

CU all in the near future, tnx !

Mario IK1HXN, Salvo IW1AYD 

rig: FLEX RADIO 3000, pa. RAKE 174 
Setup: Ant 16-3 10/15/20 @ 27m
           2 el 40m      @ 30m
           80m dipole inv vee

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