[3830] DL-DX RTTY Z37M M/S HP

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Tue Jul 6 09:32:03 PDT 2010

                    DL-DX RTTY Contest

Call: Z37M
Operator(s): Z33DGM, Z35GL, Z35X, Z36N, Z36W
Station: Z37M

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs   Pts   Mults
   80:    0      0     0
   40:  127   1596    39
   20:  485   5840    74
   15:  206   2330    37
   10:  121   1362    26
Total:  940  11128   176  Total Score = 1,958,528

Club: Z37M Contest team


Our first attempt in this contest in MULTI single category. Idea was our young
members to be more on the radio to have more experience for the upcoming
contests, and must say they did well HI! As many people say, condx was not so
good so that was a reason to push very often "agn" (-: ... Thanks to all for
calling us and apologize to some we didn't heard and worked. See you all in to
the next upcoming contests !!!
Our congratulations to IQ1RY for the good score !!!

Radio FT-1000mp + PA 500 wats
Antennas: 40m GP, 20m 4 ele yagi, 15m 5 ele yagi and 10m 5 ele yagi.
Software: WIN-test + MMTTY  (we used CQ WPX RTTY module HI)

Special thanks to Bernd DC3HB who convert our ADIF file and send us Sum and
Cabrilo file !!!

73's Z37M team

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