[3830] IARU ND0C SO Mixed QRP

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Sun Jul 11 08:58:36 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: ND0C
Operator(s): ND0C
Station: ND0C

Class: SO Mixed QRP
QTH: Minnesota
Operating Time (hrs): 15

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    0      0      0       0
   80:   21      1      5       2
   40:   40      7      7       3
   20:  101     86     22      35
   15:   12     24     11       3
   10:    8      9      2       2
Total:  182    127     47      45  Total Score = 86,940

Club: Minnesota Wireless Association


I had originally intended to just dabble in this one because I had expected
conditions to be poor.  But things seemed pretty good so I got a little more
serious and ended up spending 15 hours in the chair, interspersed with other
weekend/family activities.  I was pretty much unconscious by 1200Z Sunday.  

Maybe 20 is getting back to what I remember in the foggy, distant past - there
were always some Europeans managing to come through.  But it was frustrating to
listen to the East Coast work stuff I couldn't even hear - again!  Such is life
from the Black Hole.  40 and 80 were pretty rough, but got better in the last
few hours.  NU1AW and W1AW/8 were active everywhere with good signals - I had
17 QSOs with the two of them.

As always, special thanks to everybody for digging out my 5 watt peanut
whistle, especially on 40 and 80.  ZL6QH really hung with me to pull my call
out on 40. - There were some great ears out there.  

Station: Yaesu FT-897D running 5 watts to a Wilson SY-3 three element tribander
and wires.

Randy, ND0C
"You don't have to be crazy to run QRP... but it helps."

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