[3830] IARU XE1KK Headquarters HP

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Sun Jul 11 11:23:38 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: XE1KK
Operator(s): XE1KK
Station: XE1KK

Class: Headquarters HP
QTH: Mexico City
Operating Time (hrs): 11:42

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
   80:   10      7      4       6
   40:   48    273     26      29
   20:   78    477     32      23
   15:   23     41      8      10
   10:    2      2      2       0
Total:  161    800     72      68  Total Score = 474,600

Club: Grupo DXXE


This is my favorite contest and the 2010 version confirms it.  Beside having a
"contest interruptus" because a close friend was having his 50th birthday party
and variable conditions on some bands it was a lot of fun.

Worked many HQs and run a good pileups on 20 and 40 SSB which include several
9Vs, YB, DU, BA, VK, ZL, HSs (Champ E21EIC scare me and confuse me because he
was so strong I tough he was going to say E21EIC/W5 if not /XE1 and I was
beaming EU).  

Other memorable contest include A71A, VE6SH (IARU AC President), LA2RR (IARU AC
VicePresident) and several WRTC stations who actually had the same signal
strength here so I guess the equalizing of the stations set up worked well. 

Sorry for the ones I couldn't copy it rained all day making QRM / QRM a


Ramón, XE1KK

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