[3830] IARU K5KG M/S HP

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Sun Jul 11 12:28:06 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: K5KG
Operator(s): K5KG
Station: K5KG

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:     5     0      2        2
   80:    99     0     13       10
   40:   450   124     30       37
   20:   598   272     33       46
   15:    98    36     20       15
   10:    84    25      8        6
Total:  1334   457    106      116  Total Score = 1,193,250

Club: Florida Contest Group


This is by far one of my favorite contests.  I managed to operate the full 24
hours - a first for me.  I was a single op and used packet, so the log is
entered as m/s.  

Overall, condx seemed to be quite good.  The middle of the night 20m opening to
EU/AS was absolutely fantastic.  For a long time, I was nailing everything on
the first call.  It was a challege to work the WRTC stations because they were
not strong.  However, the WRTC ops are excellent so quite a few stations made
it into the log.  I have not yet tallied up how many I worked but, hopefully,
it is enough to win a bottle of vodka!  My tnx to the WRTC sponsors, and all of
those brave ops and judges who made it happen...in tents, FD-style, no less.  I
found it interesting that many of the R3 stations would cluster around the same
frequency, especially on 20 CW.  Like a pack of bumble bees.

It would not be a complete report without a mentioning the HQ stations.  They
were everywhere, and fun to work.  It is wonderful that so many of the country
societies sponsor them, and it seems like each year there are more and more of
them.  Let's keep HQ it going.  

Here is the rundown of the station:

IC756ProIII, Acom 2000A amp
C31 yagi @ 60 ft., 2 el 40m yagi @ 75 ft.
80m inv vee, 160m inv L
Best hour 21z - 143 Q's
Slowest hours 07z & 09z - 45 Q's

A few words about doing the full 24 hours:  I went into this believing that
with some preparation, I could do it.  I made sandwiches and snacks in in
advance, so I did not have to take time out to prepare anything to eat during
the contest.  Water, tea and sodas were in a cooler beside the chair, and a
fresh pot of coffee was ready at the start.  (My only time out of the chair was
for occasion stretches and to take quick potty breaks.)  I discussed sleep
issues with my sleep doctor, and he recommended No-doz pills, althought he
could have prescribed some keep-awake pills at cost of $10 ea., so I opted for
the $3 box of No-doz.  I took only two No-doz tablets during the 24 hour
period.  My struggel time was in the 3am hour (07z) when condx were slow, but I
managed to hang in there and logged some 45 Q's during that hour.  First light
came at 6am, and from there to the end at 8am (12z) condx picked up rapidly, so
I didn't have a problem making it to the end.  I even remembered to submit my
log immediately to the WRTC boys as they requested!

73, George, K5KG

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