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Sun Jul 11 12:41:25 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: N2RJ
Operator(s): N2RJ
Station: N2RJ

Class: SO SSB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 15.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:   0       0      0       0
   80:   0       0      0       0
   40:   0      77     10      20
   20:   0     353     23      33
   15:   0      81     11       6
Total:   0     511     44      59  Total Score = 160,577

Club: Frankford Radio Club


Part time, SSB low power (barefoot) effort. It's too hot to run the amp anyway,
not to mention that it would have to be working for me to run it.

The initial goal was the 250 QSO mark and the 75 mult mark which I achieved.
The extra QSOs are "lagniappe" as they would say.

No 80m antenna because I took it down to do other work on the tower. It'll go
back up or something will go back up in its place before CQWW (it will be good
I hope!)

The daytime was dominated by zone 8 which meant a lot of 1 point QSOs. But I
did manage some 3 pointers in the other zones and a few 5 pointers here and
there. Not that I'm complaining mind you, I appreciate every point and QSO.

The morning, late afternoon and evening was dominated by Europe of course. I
had a few nice, sustained runs on 20 and 40.  A few nice surprises such as the
ZL who called me out of the blue when I was aiming due West, and the "nice
signal" comments for my barefoot signal were also highlights of this contest.

40 meters was not as good as in ARRL DX which was disappointing because I
really love to run that band. 

I wasn't particularly looking for WRTC stations but I did manage to work 3.  I
also worked R3/AL1G which was a pleasant surprise.

In the end I went QRT around midnight because I had to get up early in the

As a somewhat new contester, an even more pleasant surprise is that people are
calling me by name now.  Amateur radio is more than a hobby, it is an
international friendship. Thanks to everyone who remembered me and worked me. 

See you in CQWW which I should be able to take part in for the full 48 or close
to, all things being equal.

Ryan, N2RJ

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