[3830] IARU OH4A M/S HP

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Sun Jul 11 13:00:36 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: OH4A
Operator(s): OH6KZP OH6LI
Station: OH4A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Kisko
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    53     12     4       22
   80:   138     55    12       29
   40:   202    159    27       40
   20:   832    965    47       47
   15:   280    264    39       38
   10:    58     59    13       22
Total:  1563   1514   142      198  Total Score = 3,751,900

Club: Contest Club Finland


This contest was characterized by heat: Finnish summer heat (+30C) outside the
hamshack, a hot hamshack (often > +35C), and at times hot bands. 24 hours in
such an environment is not the easiest way to spend a weekend, but it was fun
again! IARU HF differs from most other contests due to summer-time propagation
and thus has "added spice", this year coupled together with WRTC excitement. 

We set out to break the old Finnish M/S record of 2.71M and were happy to
succeed. The propagation info from DK0WCY indicated that K = 7 just a couple of
hours after the contest started; our plan appeared obliterated right away with
nothing but Aurora-misery to look forward to. It was a false alert, however, as
bands were in pretty ok shape and we kept pounding on. Especially 20 meters
produced a nice two-hour DX run around 01-02Z. The rate was so high that we
ended up neglecting the low bands and most of our sunrise grayline time, but we
considered it worth it.

Thanks to Jukka OH6LI and Merja for their hospitality at their summer cottage
once again. And thanks to everybody for the QSOs, see you in the next one!


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