[3830] IARU N0AH M/S LP

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Sun Jul 11 13:38:19 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: N0AH
Operator(s): N0AH W0ANT
Station: N0AH

Class: M/S LP
QTH: 7
Operating Time (hrs): 13

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    1      0      0       1
   80:    9      0      3       2
   40:   32     26     12       8
   20:   98    110     26      23
   15:   10     23      8       3
   10:    0      2      1       1
Total:  150    161     50      38  Total Score = 83,160

Club: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado


This was a great contest for my 9 year old daughter,Anna, W0ANT, and myself, to
get use to our new antennas which replaced our A3S with the 40M kit.  We now
have a Tynnadyne T-8 log periodic dipole array at 45 feet and a Cuschcraft D40M
RTD above it. The 40M RTD came through switching between it and the Cushcraft
80/40V vertical from time to time for TX advantage and to cure some noisy
receiving issues of the vertical.    

As far as unique stations worked, we did work 5A5LZ on 20M, a bit curious abot
that call. It was around 04:30 UTC on 20M. Hummmm.... Work em and worry about
it later- A lot of stateside was working him- but I have my doubts- After I
went to bed early Sunday morning, I realized I had not worked anyone on 160M. 
So I went down into the shack and set up the Dentron and the 55 foot Alpha
sloper.  I only heard one station and after 20 minutes of calling, W1AW/8 heard
me!!!! It was a good way to end a very fun weekend.

Also found R33L, R34C, R36Y, and R38F. Heard a few others but it was a long
line for these guys- hihi. The only station not worked but heard was a VK7.  My
neighbor Rick, W0RIC, worked him with a very fb set up with a 20M mono-bander
and amp- we just didn't have the horses- but I was a bit ripped as I tried for
25 minutes- boo hoo- (I was served.............took 2 dieat A&W's to calm down-
even trying the magic of my speech processor didn't work, and we never run that

So to conclude my soap box, I can't say just how much the A3S would have helped
us but the T-8 did really well- The antenna was very narrow on long path targets
aimed for and on opposite characteristics, a weaker F/B on short paths
stateside, which actually helped us on working left/right coast stations just
pointed in one direction. I think if the SF was just a bit higher, we would
have seen some big numbers on 15M and would have got the headsets out-

Mixed mode was cool beans.....  Thanks for working us and pulling us out for
the Q's!

73  Paul and Anna

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