[3830] IARU K4VV M/S HP

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Sun Jul 11 20:28:50 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: K4VV
Operator(s): W0YR, WX3B, K3WI, N8IVN, KB3CS, N8II, KU1T, DJ1RKS, W2XZH, W4AKO, AI2C
Station: K4VV

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:     0      0     0       0
   80:     1     17     1       2
   40:   291    161    12      19
   20:   399    922    33      30
   15:   487    427    32      24
   10:    11    322    14      12
Total:  1189   1849    92      87  Total Score = 1,688,865

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


A big thank you to Mike W0YR for his MANY hours getting K4VV ready for a great
performance, assisting with the food, and acting as general manager and host
for this event.  

Thanks also to Jack K4VV and Sharon for sharing this nice hilltop playground
with us.

Chris, KB3CS had a great run of USA and Europe on 10 meters....and it started
with a very loud German HQ station near the start of the contest!

"Z", KU1T has several big runs and the one I noticed was the run of JAs he
picked up on 15m SSB in the late afternoon.  This is Z's 3rd "serious"
experience contesting and he's HOOKED!

Dennis, N8IVN handed his 20m pileup with grace and elegance when I was
observing.  No much got past Dennis on the bands this past weekend.

Bill K3WI is surgically connected to the radio and he carried the team with his
fantastic rate to Europen, Asia, and even a couple JAs thrown on 15m.  Bill also
lit up the K4VV lower 40m antenna (K3LR 4 element at 65+ feet).  

Arno, W4AKO visited and talked about his exisiting station as he mingled with
the group.  

Norm AI2C was seen for a short period fo tiem:  snapping pictures!!

Stephan DJ1RKS, was see running several huge pileups, including the 20m opening
to Europe on Sunday morning.  I heard many contacts to Germany made in ....
GERMAN!  Stephan also brought is very sweet 5 year old daugter to the radio
building Sunday.

N8II enjoyed the late afternoon/early evening rush on 20m SSB; it was Jeff's
first visit to Jack's new super-station.

AI2C Norm visited and took a lot of nice pictures!

W2XZH Xerxes had has debut into HF amateur radio operating at K4VV.  He was a
FAST learner and had a lot of fun.  Xerxes was running 40 meter SSB - and he
let us in on a little secret, his experience at K4VV was the FIRST TIME he ever
operated on HF!  Welcome to the bands, Xerxes.

Best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable 2nd half of the summer!


Jim  WX3B for team K4VV

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