[3830] DMC RTTY IW1QN Single Op LP

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Mon Jul 19 02:33:06 PDT 2010

                    DMC RTTY Contest

Call: IW1QN
Operator(s): IW1QN
Station: IW1QN

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: JN44KK - Genoa
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  QSOs
   80:    0
   40:   49
   20:  268
   15:  100
   10:   25
Total:  442  Countries = 53  Call Areas = 21  Continents = 6  Total Score = 196,248

Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association


No QSo in 80m and very poor in 40m, but interesting opening in 15m and some in
10m are very interesting.
All QSO principally in 20m, because very wide opening and also in 20m arrive
ASIA or OCEANIA in the Night.
No reason to make activity in 80m, and some QSO in 40m oly for Multiplier.

In the Same Week in USA there is NAQP, and ALL USA station pass me info for
NAQP, no problem I Explain another Test and pass correct progressive Nr.
I hope next year DMC RTTY not the same date of NAQP.
73 de IW1QN Federico
UX5UO Print Italian Reference

iw1qn at arrl.net
iw1qn at strangeradioteam.com
iw1qn at email.it
iw1qn at yahoo.it

TeL: +39 338 7950672

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