[3830] NCCC Sprint K6VVA LP

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Thu Jul 22 20:55:39 PDT 2010

                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - Jul 23

Call: K6VVA
Operator(s): K6VVA
Station: K6VVA

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Locust Peak (Remote)
Operating Time (hrs): .5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   1      1
   80:   4      2
   40:  17     15
   20:  26     14
Total:  48     32  Total Score = 1,536

Club: Northern California Contest Club


With 28 Q's at 0245 I figured breaking 50 would be a piece of cake.  So much for
that plan.  SO1.1R, too much QLF tonight and something was whacko with my 80m
antenna and not sure what I remotely loaded up...I think the 40m wires.

Still haven't been able to make the antenna improvements on Locust Peak or get
the band decoders/bandpass filters and SIX-PAK installed for full SO2R. But
more trees got sacrificed this week {SIGH}, so a bit of progress I guess.

Lots of new calls tongiht - welcome to TNC, guys.  Keep coming back. The K1TN
SuperStation signal was the loudest ever out here just before 0230.

73 & Tnx for the Q's & Mults...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust

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