[3830] IOTA G8D(G3SJJ) SO12CW HP

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Sun Jul 25 13:38:32 PDT 2010

                    IOTA Contest

Call: G8D
Operator(s): G3SJJ
Station: G3SJJ

Class: SO12CW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  CW Mults  Ph Qs  Ph Mults
   80:   55      15       0        0
   40:   42       7       0        0
   20:  561      33       0        0
   15:  126       9       0        0
   10:   29       4       0        0
Total:  813      68       0        0  Total Score = 227,052



Part of the greater plan to get back into mainstream single op all band
contesting. Spent a lot of time S&Ping over the last 18 months or so but no
serious run entries. I targeted this one initially for 24 hr SOAB CW but in the
end realised that recent emergency eye surgery for acute retinal detachment (NHS
was fantastic)) was going to be the deciding factor.

Our GU8D entries 1996 to 2005 helped me understand the contest although I had
forgotten how important it is to be aware of the various specific operations
and probably more important, the common IOTA references. I guess a vague
similarity would be recognising lesser known Commonwealth prefixes in BERU. I
do like this event as there are a number of variables to keep you alert. Some
prefixes you know aren't IOTA - HB9, S5, LZ etc. Some you know are IOTA, G*,
EA8, TK, JA etc. Others could be ie DL, PA, OZ etc. You have to listen!!

So, started off thinking I was doing 24 hours with a target of averaging 75Q/Hr
over 20 hours but soon realised that was not practicable and so planned for 12
hours, but without a suitable band plan strategy! Consequently whilst my QSO
total of 813 was in the ballpark, mults were sadly lacking. I suspect this was
due to not factoring in a good S&P session on 80/40 overnight.

Highlights - A sprinkling of JAs on 20m though nothing like the15m runs we used
to get at GU8D. A nice W6/7/0 run on 20m on late Saturday afternoon. Also
eventually on Sunday morning an opening on 15m plus some Qs on 10m! The station
and N1MM logger worked very well.

Lowlights - The Eastern European disease - Stupid speeding up of parts of
messages! Bad clix and notes - RZ3AXX, LZ9W, RG3K, HG8N, UU7JC. Lots of dits in
6! Wasn't it nice to turn the beam west! (On the other hand, those countries are
keeping contesting alive!) Too many stations sending too fast. Punk band condx
on Saturday.

Station - K3, Acom 1000, A4S, 40m 2 el phased gp array, Delta loop and dipole
for 80m.

This contest certainly has grown since I was IOTA Contest Adjudicator 12 years
ago! Congratulations to the current team. Chris G3SJJ

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