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Mon Jul 26 07:08:58 PDT 2010

                    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

Call: K1TOL
Operator(s): K1TOL
Station: K1TOL

Class: SOSB/6 HP
QTH: FN44 Maine
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  509   159
Total:  509   159  Total Score = 80,931



Contest started with locals only and with a few random scatter qsos, but no Es
at all for 4-5 hours. Finally opened to a few areas after 7PM local until 11
PM---about 10 CO stations and worked one 7 station in WA (KE7V), 2 ID stations,
and 3 VE4s (signals were very backscatterish to W0s & VE4s for awhile).
Sunday, band opened early, but moved around too much and the signals were
strong then disappeared completely.
Never worked any "double-hop" to AZ or CA areas--only 1 UT & 1 WY & 1 NM (can
usually count on 10-12 grids in these areas).
Also, never worked any EUR, or SO. AMER., or Carib. stations--only 3 XEs.
Likewise, only worked 4 Maritime stations and never heard any locals north of
me, from Maine to Quebec (must have "lost" 9-10 "normally worked" grids
Conclusion: "average" contest score, little of "normal" double-hop, almost no
activity from Maritimes and locals up north in Maine, Quebec, PEI, and VO1

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