[3830] Commonwealth ZL2BR Open-24 HP

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Mon Mar 15 16:10:26 PDT 2010

                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest, CW

Call: ZL2BR
Operator(s): ZL2BR
Station: ZL2BR

Class: Open-24 HP
QTH: New Plymouth, NZ
Operating Time (hrs): 22

 Band  QSOs
   80:   40
   40:  176
   20:  111
   15:   65
   10:   15
Total:  407  Total Score = 6,135



Things are definitely on the up. My best Beru score yet. 
Conditions on the higher bands were a real improvement over recent years.

With bonus points being the name of the game, did not spend too much 
time battling the noise on 80m after working the obligatory three G stations
plus all the ZL and VK stations that were around.

15m was in reasonable shape especially to VE, worked more VE stations on this 
band than any other. In the other direction 15m only opened as far as VU. 
10m was also open but only as far as VE7 and China. Heard a couple BD CW
signals plus heaps of the usual Chinese FM CB signals

As usual no Africans were worked except 3B9WR who is really in the Indian Ocean

rather than Africa, so was good copy on 40m SP. Did hear an extremely weak
ZS6KR on 20m LP, but he couldn't hear me.

40m was my best all round band. Worked more G's on this band than 20m. My
elevated 40m GP does a decent job as a radiator, but is very noisy on receive,
but using a 40m dipole for receive only made it much easier to hear the weak
signals. This dipole is only about 6m high, tried it much higher but it was as
noisy as the GP then.

No technical problems, except for a few times every now and then the SWR would

shoot up on 20m, maybe one of tribander traps was frying.

There were some really good signals around including VE3EJ, VX3AT and VP2MCC
who seemed to be everywhere all the time.

ZL participation was very much down on last year. By my reckoning only 12 ZL's
were active compared with 20 last year.

QSO/Scoring Summary:
Band	qso	Bonus	G	VE	VK	ZL	RoW	Points
3.5	40	33	3	7	19	7	4	865
7	176	60	89	33	31	10	13	2080
14	111	48	56	14	22	7	12	1515
21	65	49		33	18	8	6	1305
28	15	15		4	5	6		375
Totals	407	204	148	96	95	38	35	6135

TS-2000 + AL-80B
Tribander, 40m GP, 80m dipole

73, Frank ZL2BR

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