[3830] 7QP KB7QND M/M LP

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Sun May 2 23:46:47 PDT 2010

                    7th Call Area QSO Party

Call: KB7QND
Operator(s): KB7QND, KF7DYX, K7EAL, WA7NWL
Station: KB7QND

Class: M/M LP
QTH: Pinal county, AZ
Operating Time (hrs): 17.0

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:         114       
   20:         162       
   15:           5       
Total:   0     281      0  Mults = 54  Total Score = 30,348

Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club


Once again, an excellent contest.

This year, we did a M/M (low power) effort and exceeded all of our planned
goals.  One operator had absolutely no HF, SSB or contest experience, one had a
bit of experience and two had some contest experience.  We had a BLAST, laughed
a lot and actully worked a reasonable number of stations.  And, if you think
that copying "Kilo Bravo Seven Quebec November Delta" is a chore, you should
try saying it over and over again.....

Propogation overall was not too bad for us - sometimes good and sometimes bad;
our 'newbie' overcame those special contest fears that everyone has for their
first contest and he ended late Saturday night in a casual rag chew on 20M with
a VK4 - also his first.

It was nice to work a number of stations on two bands, and next year we will
have additional band capability.  We had hoped that 6M would do something, but
for us it didn't.  Next year we'll have additional/better antennas and see what

Special thanks to Malina for hosting and letting us play radio, and many thanks
to all those who worked us and to the sponsors for the contest.


Paul, KB7QND
Eric, K7EAL
John, WA7NWL

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