[3830] NewEngQP N1DC Single Op LP

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Mon May 3 19:22:06 PDT 2010

                    New England QSO Party

Call: N1DC
Operator(s): N1DC
Station: N1DC

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Braintree MA
Operating Time (hrs): 13

 Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
   80:    107        
   40:    185        
   20:    179       5
   15:     15       1
   10:      3        
Total:    489       6  Mults = 67  Total Score = 65,928

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


Thanks to Tom K1KI and the NEQP organizing team for another great QSO party.

I hoped to exceed my score from last year but fell short due to horrible 15M
conditions on Sunday. 15M was the worst I've experienced in a contest sounding
a lot like 10M (no stations!!). I could barely hear WWV on 20 MHz and knew it
was going to be rough going. 

I was able to improve on multipliers to 67 but fell way short on total Q's due
to 15M. This ended up making the difference and cost me at least 12K points. 

Still a great time overall and fun to see the rate meter up to 150. I worked
everyone I could hear except for one station. I'm not sure of the call sign and
did try all the features in my Omni 7 for several minutes, but could not pull
you out of the noise. Sorry!

Results:  43 states (missed SC,AR,HI,ID,AK,ND,SD), 5 provinces, 12 DX

Station: TenTec Omni7 100W Antennas 4 element 10/15/20 at 35 ft, 80/40M
Still using CT and an old HP Pavillion 500MHz PC!

Thanks for all the QSO's including many with mobile operators.

73 de Rick   N1DC   Braintree MA (EMA)   member YCCC

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