[3830] MARAC CW KN4Y Mobile LP

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Thu May 6 12:31:42 PDT 2010

                    MARAC CW QSO Party

Call: KN4Y
Operator(s): KN4Y
Station: KN4Y

Class: Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 16

 Band  QSOs
   80:    2
   40:   87
   20:  441
Total:  530  Counties = 150  Total Score = 261,900

Club: Sportsman's Paradise ARC


Ran amuck through Florida, Alabama, and
 Georgia giving out counties. 20-meters was
 the workhouse band with a nice DX window.
 Ran 734 miles in 16 hours on Saturday, too pooped
 to go again Sunday. It amazes how driving can makes a person so hungry.

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