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Mon May 31 08:54:39 PDT 2010

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: KV8Q
Operator(s): KV8Q
Station: KV8Q

Class: SOAB(TS) LP
QTH: Ohio
Operating Time (hrs): 36

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:  176
   40:  422
   20:  365
   15:   73
   10:    2
Total: 1038  Prefixes = 415  Total Score = 910,510

Club: Delaware Amateur Radio Association


Sorry, Guys.  I picked up some sunspots at a 'BLue Light Special' but left them
in the trunk of the car when I got home.  Maybe next year.  Lots of fun meeting
old friends once again.  My score was down a bit from last year.  More Q's this
year but less points and fewer mults.  Conditions here were decent but nothing
to write home about.  Nothing on ten and no Europe on 15.  See you all once
again next year.  Thanks for all of the Q's.

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