[3830] OhQP K8BL Single Op LP

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Sat Sep 4 08:10:30 PDT 2010

                    Ohio QSO Party

Call: K8BL
Operator(s): K8BL
Station: K8BL

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:  195    164
   40:  100    115
   20:   29     27
   15:    0      0
   10:    0      0
Total:  324    306  CW Mults = 95  Ph Mults = 104  Total Score = 189,846



Started out pretty good and found nice amount of activity on 20M. However,
Murphy struck again this year big-time.  First, my logging program crashed!
NA did this to me 3 out of the last 4 years! The one year it didn't was
because I didn't operate OQP. 33 Q's into the Contest NA died and I couldn't
get it restarted. The Q's were still there, but I got an Error 09 message
after configuring and trying to run. Finally, in desperation, I configured
it as some other contest and it came up. I shut it down and brought it back
up as OQP and it ran OK. I disconnected all radio and packet connections to
the computer since I really didn't need them anyway. NA ran FB the entire rest
of the Contest (WHEW!!!). Strangely, the computer and radio were entirely
different from the previous years when NA crashed.

Murphy decided to strike again a little while later. This time, my new IC-7700
went ZAP and FLASH while I was CQ'ing!!! Radio went lights out & dead. I could
not get it to power back up! Luckily, I kept my trusty old IC-775 as a backup
and pressed it into service. Jockeying these heavy beasts is no longer easy
or fun for an Old Timer like me! The 775 worked great for the rest of the
Contest although I sorely missed the built-in DVK of the 7700 when on phone.

Spent most of my time CQ'ing and had some very nice runs. Activity was a very
pleasant surprise for a Summer contest. Missed many of the Ohio Mobiles and
I think it's because they were probably CQ'ing, too, instead of S&P.
I'm submitting my score with the local Club since there has been a push to
get more HF interest among the membership and they asked for participants
in their group.

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