[3830] TnQP K4RO SO Fixed HP

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Mon Sep 6 08:19:06 PDT 2010

                    Tennessee QSO Party

Call: K4RO
Operator(s): K4RO
Station: K4RO

Class: SO Fixed HP
QTH: Cheatham
Operating Time (hrs): 9
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs  Mults
  160:   45      0      0      30
   80:  157     39      0      72
   40:  194    203      0      76
   20:   88     41      0      46
   15:    4      0      0       4
Total:  488    283      0     228  Total Score = 462,784

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Score includes 400 bonus points for QSOs with K4TCG. It was a good radio
weekend. On Saturday, my neighbors and I did a live music performance on 
the local Low Power FM broadcast station WRFN 107.1 FM. On Sunday, I ran 
10-12dB more power from my home station on the HF amateur radio frequencies.

Good contest this year. Thanks for the fantastic participation from everyone!
Despite some line noise and a couple of computer glitches that occurred when
I tried to operate digital, I had a great time. Thanks to W4TV for shipping 
me a replacement micro-controller chip just in time for the contest.

Congratulations to all of the mobile stations who got out there and burned 
up the asphalt. From the looks of the QSO numbers, it must be a real blast.
I'll have to try mobile operation one of these days. I only worked about
half of the TN counties. The mobiles were down in the noise until sunset.
After sunset, I tried to follow W4AN, W4NZ and N4ZZ, but of course I had 
to pay more attention to my run frequency, which was usually busy.

Good job by the K4TCG crew, especially the new operators who had their
first taste of contest operating. I hope they will be back for more!

Thanks to W0MU for a 4-band pass through 15 meters at night - that was fun.
So were the DX QSOs, including 7X5AV for a real surprise. Thanks to everyone
for calling in. I will try to participate in more state QSO parties in the
future. So many contests, and so little time... C U in the Sprint next

73 Kirk K4RO

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