[3830] TnQP HA1AG(@HG6N) SO Fixed LP

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Mon Sep 6 08:42:47 PDT 2010

                    Tennessee QSO Party

Call: HA1AG
Operator(s): HA1AG
Station: HG6N

Class: SO Fixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs  Mults
   40:   32                     9
   20:   68                    51
Total:  100     0       0      60  Total Score = 18,200



This was a part-time fun effort done remotely. Having a 4-week-old baby does not
let me devote too much time to the hobby and TN QP looked short enough to do it
somewhat seriously (between changing dipers and other chores, etc).

When operating remotely I use only 100W, which is obviously way too low from EU
for a state-side QSO Party. The monoband Yagis, the ridgetop QTH with superlow
take-off and the noise-free environment just adds more frustration when I can
hear mobiles loudly who CQ back to my face. :-)

The Best Earz Award goes to NY4N/m and W9WI/m. They were easy to work even on
40m, mostly with 1 call. Hats off!

In my opinion the mobiles gave up on 20 too early. The few who returned were
rewarded with short and intense pileups of w6/w7 and EU.

The vicinity of 7040 is a no-go area for non-mazochist EUs. We have the "C"
transmitter there which is at least s9+20 here regardless of how good the F/B
is. W4AN/M parked exactly below the C beacon for quite some time. Between 7037
and 7045 there are heaps of digital-whatever signals and their emitters defend
that segment with the vigor of a pit-bull, a 14.300 net controller and a 20m
SSTV operator combined.

Luckily TNQP was on Sunday - having an RTTY contest on the top on the day
before killed the CO QP for me.

Considering the timing, the duration and the number of active mobiles I saw a
chance for getting the sweep but this hope perished after 1 hour and it set
back my motivation. Next to the 60 counties I worked I heard 6 more I could not
work (2 on 20m, 4 on 40m). W4NZ/m (on 40m) and K4LTA/m (on 80m) were QRV from
some crucial counties when there was no condx to EU. I was wondering if anybody
got the sweep from NA though.

With still about 2 hours to go but the office hours quickly approaching I QRT
when I reached the 100 QSO mark. 

Thanks for the contacts, 73 zoli ha1ag

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