[3830] TnQP W0BH SO Fixed HP

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Mon Sep 6 22:37:36 PDT 2010

                    Tennessee QSO Party

Call: W0BH
Operator(s): W0BH
Station: W0BH

Class: SO Fixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 8.7
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs  Mults
  160:    5      1              5
   80:   43      5             34
   40:  120     32             79
   20:   38      5             32
Total:  206     43      0     150  Total Score = 106,400



Score includes 8 contacts with K4TCG.

Outside conditions were perfect for spending the day indoors .. windy and hot
(did I mention windy?).  Luckily, the beam didn't have to be moved once I
pointed it east. I was scared to rotate it!

Radio conditions from KS to TN were good all day long with both 20 and 40 open
at the start.  20 went long as usual, but this time it didn't fade quite all
the way out to TN, so I was able to eke out a few 20m contacts until the band
came back in later in the afternoon.  40 was good the entire time, and the
noise was bearable on 80 and 160.  I did try CQing 160 occasionally during the
last half hour and got only one TN reply, but it was a good one : K4TCG called
in and moved me to 160SSB to complete the 4 band dual mode sweep.  The K4TCG
gang did a terrific job this year .. no problem finding them.  Guess I should
have fired up the digital as well!

The TNQP certainly attracts a critical mass of mobiles, and they did their
usual terrific job .. never a dull moment for sure.  Some huge pileups later in
the day.  You could almost tell the time by the CW sending speed!  I sometimes
just listened in and and wished I could trade places, but it's also really fun
to track mobiles.  An accurate list of counties in run order and frequent ID by
the mobile station really helps us out.

Overall, I worked 67 unique stations and 82/95 counties (the same as last
year).  This year I missed


Since the TNQP rules didn't address the use of spotting networks for Single-Op
entries (allowed in a number of other state QSO parties), I played it safe and
left the computer off.  Before this year, I deliberately didn't have internet
at home so it wasn't an issue.  It would be nice to know for next year.

Here's the mobile list from my log .. thanks for being out there.  Some amazing

24 W4NZ/m (I might have lost one Q in the pileups, amazing ears)
22 K4LTA/m (also pulled out some almost ESP contacts)
20 NY4N/m (easiest station to find and identify)
17 N4ZZ/m (consistently loudest signal into Kansas award)
17 W4AN/m 
11 W9WI/m
10 W4SIG/m
7  K4ZGB/m
4  K4OQG/m
3  KG4VBK/m
2  N4Q/m

Thanks to the TCG for coordinating the event, and thanks to all who
participated in another enjoyable TNQP.  Hope to work each of you again next

73, Bob, w0bh

PS Just found out today that John, N6MU, will be joining me for a TXQP mobile
run on Sept 25-26.  We'll listen for you!

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