[3830] NA Sprint CW KA9FOX QRP

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Sat Sep 11 22:21:31 PDT 2010

                    NA Sprint CW Contest - September

Call: KA9FOX
Operator(s): KA9FOX
Station: KA9FOX

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 4:00
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   63        
   40:   95        
   20:   69        
Total:  227    Mults = 43  Total Score = 9,761


Team: MWA


Running QRP in the Sprint may seem crazy, but it gives me some indication
whether my antennas are working, and it's really fun to see who has the good
ears out there.  Congrats to K9VV at NP2X and KL7RA for both picking me up on 20m
& 40m.  Special thanks to the 5 guys on the west coast that heard me on 80m...
K6LA, N6RO, N6TR, AE6Y & W6YI.  I called many others, but no luck! 

Great fun, as always!  C U next weekend in SSB Sprint... with the amp on!

73 - Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at qth.com

ANTENNAS (one tower):
  20m:  C4XL @ 95ft
  40m:  C4XL @ 95ft
  80m:  EF180C @ 100ft (rotatable dipole)

  Primary:  FT-1000MP
  Secondary: IC-746 (used sparingly)


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