[3830] NA Sprint CW NA4K(@K4BP) HP

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Sun Sep 12 05:07:26 PDT 2010

                    NA Sprint CW Contest - September

Call: NA4K
Operator(s): NA4K
Station: K4BP

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   82        
   40:  111        
   20:   88        
Total:  281    Mults = 46  Total Score = 12,926

Club: Tennessee Contest Group



Thanks to Jeff, K4BP for letting operate from his station.

The adventure began before the Sprint started.  K4BP
is about 7 miles from me, and that normally takes about
10 to 15 mins to travel.  A line of thunderstorms came through
at 2315z.  I left my house at 2320z, plenty of time to
make the trip, yeah sure.  Two miles from Jeff's a huge tree
was across the road, now I had to double back and take another
route.  Well, arrived 2 mins before the start.  Good thing we
had setup everything up on Friday.  Found that the logging
program did not talk to the radio, so turned that off and started.
Two hours into the contest the power flickered and half of the 
gear started rebooting, still not sure that everything went back to normal.

When I got home, found that the power had been off for over 2 hours,
so it was a good move to operate somewhere else.

Twenty meters stayed open much longer than I thought it would,
and 40 and 80 meters had high QRN levels from the storms
that had moved on the the east.

Still a fun 4 hours in front of the radio.

   Steve  NA4K

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