[3830] NA Sprint CW K4QPL HP

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Sun Sep 12 05:55:26 PDT 2010

                    NA Sprint CW Contest - September

Call: K4QPL
Operator(s): K4QPL
Station: K4QPL

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 3:50

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   71        
   40:   98        
   20:   47        
Total:  216    Mults = 41  Total Score = 8,856

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club



Another fun contest in the log. Out of practice on SO2R and system down for
upgrades to USB so went single radio QRO instead of usual LP. Well sort of QRO
@ 500W on 20. Guess the old 3-500Z is getting soft. Weak front came through
with some noise on 80 but managed to work a few west of the Rockies. Doesn't
take much QRN to make it hard to copy numbers at 35-40 wpm. Cribbed N1LN's
macros which worked great and I had far fewer run/S&P "collisions" this time
around. Thanks Bruce.

To paraphrase the country song: "Sprint is great, QRO's good, QSY's crazy!"


Jim, K4QPL

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