[3830] NA Sprint CW K6UFO(@W6YX) QRP

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Sun Sep 12 10:00:04 PDT 2010

                    NA Sprint CW Contest - September

Call: K6UFO
Operator(s): K6UFO
Station: W6YX

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   38        
   40:   91        
   20:   91        
Total:  220    Mults = 38  Total Score = 8,580

Club: Northern California Contest Club

Team: Northern Calif Contest Club #2


Thanks to the Thursday night NCCC Sprint practices,
I was feeling ready for CW Sprint.  My previous 
high for QRP was 137 QSOs - and I blew that away 
with 220!  Thank you for the NCCC Sprint practice!

20m was loud, crowd and fast! I had a couple QSOs 
I was unsure of, and resolved them later by me 
calling one and getting a "B4", and having one 
call me. I stayed 20m almost 2 hours, because QRP 
gets progressively harder on the low bands, and 
the Mults were good, but I should have moved 
sooner since the 40m rate jumped so much.  

One of the station club members came in and did 
the "standard operating procedure": open door, 
go to back of rack and flip the power switch, 
come around and start computers. Only this time, 
he came in, flipped the switch, and dumped my 
power OFF to the radio, computer, etc. Lost 4 
minutes and the rhythm while getting restarted.

40m picked up the pace, and I stayed 1.5 hrs, 
leaving just 30 minutes for 80m QRP.  40m was 
surprisingly good, lots of contacts made, but lots 
of unanswered CQs and lost pileups - not too 
unusual when QRP against the high power and 
stations east of me. I feared trouble when 
I worked KA9FOX and he was 7 QSOs ahead. Lots of 
other good QRP signals too, from KE0G and KR2Q.

80m QRP arrived - ouch - with the usual lost 
pileups.  Luckily, there were lots of West Coast 
to work, which kept me busy. I did manage to 
work VE3EJ for some 80m QRP DX!  Thanks to VA7RR 
for the BC Mult! 

So, I'm totally happy with my improvement, but I
need to move 20m to 40m sooner, and get SO2R 
going to allow those unanswered CQs to be 

Thanks for the fun!


20m: 6 el yagi at 60 ft
40m: 4 el at 60 ft
80m: inverted vee at 50 ft
Yaesu FT-1000MP turned down to 5 watts

QSO by hour and band.
          80M     40M     20M    Total   Cumm
0000Z    ---+-   ---+-     58       58     58
0100Z       -       5      33       38     96
0200Z       -      64       -       64    160
0300Z      38      22       -       60    220
Total:     38      91      91

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