[3830] NA Sprint CW W4EF(@W4EF/6) HP

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Sun Sep 12 10:59:57 PDT 2010

                    NA Sprint CW Contest - September

Call: W4EF
Operator(s): W4EF
Station: W4EF/6

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   57   00:43
   40:  113   01:32
   20:  106   01:45
Total:  276    Mults = 45  Total Score = 12,420

Club: Southern California Contest Club

Team: SCCC #1


Rig: Omni 6+ 
Amp: Drake L7
Antennas:  20, 40, and 80 meter inverted V's at 35ft
           80 meter top-load vertical (56' high)
           Cushcraft R7000 with base at 10'

Spent most of the morning and early afternoon replacing a broken trap in the
Cushcraft R7000. Most of that time was spent comparing the resonant frequencies
of the old trap with the new one. I think old trap broke because the aluminum
wire stub coming off the coil form of the 15 meter section got tweaked when I
was trying to set the resonant frequency (it was way off on this antenna when I
first tried it out). The new trap was similarly mal-adjusted (by about 2 MHz),
but I decided that I wouldn't worry about it until later since it was only
relevant on 15 meters. Ironically the, the R7000 never seemed to hear any
better than the inverted V's at 35ft, so I don't think I made any QSOs on it

On 80 meters, I was very happy with the way the new vertical played. It is 1/4
wave long wire that I hung in parallel with my center/top-loaded 160 meter
vertical. The 80 meter wire hangs off a pulley that is suspended on a short
sidearm at the top of the 160 meter radiator. It felt competitive. 

I'll be really really surprised if this one is a golden log. I think the desert
sun must have baked my brain as I had more brain fades than I'd care to admit.
Between that and going all thumbs on N1MM a few too many times with the
accompanying botched hand sending, there is plenty of room for operator
improvement (I apologize to all those who I upchucked on with my Benchers).
Conditions seemed pretty good. Heard but did not work NM, OK, and VE5. 

Thanks to all for the QSOs. 

73, Mike W4EF

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