[3830] ArQP N4CD/M SO Mobile LP

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Sun Sep 12 12:23:25 PDT 2010

                    Arkansas QSO Party

Call: N4CD/M
Operator(s): N4CD
Station: N4CD/M

Class: SO Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
Total:  199     0       0  Total Score = 15,920



Results from a trip to ARK to attend the hamfest at Mena.  Hunting for goodies. 
Best find - a 1936 ARRL Handbook with nice section on regen receivers (my latest

I got on early as the contest started and worked WA5DBU/m in Yell, AR.  No one
had listed that as a county they would run on the planned routes - one of six
not claimed..  That upset the apple cart a bit as I was planning on going there
to be sure it got on the air.  So the plans changed on the fly.  No sense to
head 50 miles  out of the way to a county when it had been run already.  

After running POLK, I headed back to the hamfest to check for any new goodies
that might have shown up.It drizzled on and off till 10am.  The hamfest there 
runs on Friday and Saturday.  About 10am I was done at the hamfest, and decided
to run a shorter route - hitting Scott then over to Montgomery and back around
to the south to get home in TX by dinner time.  

40M was "OK" and 20M was decent but long most of the day.   I heard W3DYA/m and
N5NA/m early, but since I headed east, they headed west, that didn't last long. 
For a while I heard folks calling them...then I didn't even hear folks calling
them on 40M....maybe they stayed on 20M most of the runs?   

I ran 6  counties (Polk, Scott, Mont, Pike, Howard Sevier) then headed home
early.   199Qs, 40 mults including 6 AR counties and 4 dx countries.   It's
hard to get some of the common states like RI, DE, ME, VT, CT, OR, NV, MT, ND,
SD, in the QSO Parties. Well, I stopped to run, ran till the pile ended,
changed bands (ran 20/40m)then   drove to the next one.   Didn't go all out but
just heading back from the hamfest the 'county hunter' way. 

Had a ground loop on 40M that took a while to figure out.   Had chirp at times.
 Finally got it fixed about the last county.  Having 40M SSB antenna and 40M SSB
antenna is not always good.   Didn't use the 40M SSB antenna - talked out from
the hamfest.   

Rig:  IC-706...six foot mast on grounded mag mount, 20/30/40/17/15m resonators
horizontally mounted.   Schurr paddles, manual log book.   

Got home, at dinner, and chased a few mobiles from home catching two counties
out of 10 I needed. Worked N5NA/m, AD5WI, and W3DYA from home, then it was
over.   Missed the other 8 and  all were run during the contest.  Oh well. 
Some county hunter will run them again soon I hope. 

Hamfest was pretty good for the size it was (fairly small).  Found some nice
goodies, but not much in the way of old regens for sale (not a one).    Gave
out a few counties maybe that folks needed, and tried to keep the state QSO
Parties in business. Was it last year that I was 'the mobile' .  This year
there were at least 5 mobiles out there, and likely 50 counties activated if
not a lot more.    

73 de N4CD

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