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Sun Sep 12 12:37:35 PDT 2010

                    Arkansas QSO Party

Call: N5NA
Operator(s): N5NA
Station: N5NA

Class: SO Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:  438              
   20:  287              
Total:  725     0       0  Total Score = 1,471



There was a whole lotta HOG callin' going on Saturday!  I believe there was at
least a 5 fold increase in mobile activity this year over last year with N4CD
making a return appearance plus K5END, AD5WI, W3DYA, and myself plus possibly
others.  I tuned across W3DYA and K5END a couple of times working down a new
county pileup.  Great fun!

Conditions didn't seem too good although I did manage to work DL3DXX(15),
HA8IB(7), SP5SA(6), G3WPF(4), OK2PAY(3), OK2EC(3), and 9A2WJ(2).  I'm always
amazed at the DX stations that can hear my mobile signal let alone me hear them
with all the mobile noise.

My route took me through 460 miles of south Arkansas covering 18 counties.  Of
course, that doesn't include the 600 miles to get to my starting point in Union
county.  Luckily I had a good excuse to visit AR since I have relatives in El

The following counties were activated with the indicated number of QSO's:
Ashley(55), Union(55), Ouachita(52), Desha(50), Jefferson(49), Calhoun(48),
Chicot(45), Bradley(40), Columbia(40), Nevada(40), Grant(40), Cleveland(34),
Dallas(34), Arkansas(33), Drew(32), Hempstead(31), Lincoln(31), and

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half of my total
QSO's: K4YT(26), K8QWY(22), NT2A(22), WB2ABD(21), N3RJ(21), W0GXQ(19),
N5XG(18), ND3R(17), KO1U(17), W1END(15), WA2VYA(15), DL3DXX(15), K4BAI(15),
KN4Y(15), KC3X(14), K4XI(13), WE7G(13), K4AMC(13), NO5W(12), W4UCZ(11),
K9JF(11), K8NYG(11), WA4UNS(11), and KE8M(10).

Equipment included an Elecraft K3/100, HS-1500 antenna, Inspiron laptop running
CQ/X logging software, and a Chevy C2500 antenna mount.

Thanks to everyone who called and a big thanks to my wife and driver, K5AKS!

Please look for me in two weeks in the Texas QSO Party.

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