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Sun Sep 19 05:21:30 PDT 2010

                    NA Sprint SSB Contest - September

Call: N1LN
Operator(s): N1LN
Station: N1LN

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 4.0
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:   40        
   40:   85        
   20:   57        
Total:  182    Mults = 43  Total Score = 7,826

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Team: PVRC #1


This was painful from the beginning, but is always one of those times that you
just KNOW it will get better.  Well, it did not.  When the clock hits 04:00 I
always ask myself why did I do that again, and yet I keep coming back.  It has
to get better - doesn't it?

The conditions were quite bad from here.  20 sounded fairly OK, but for the
most part I had moved to 40 full time in less than 1 hour. 40 went long very
early and the noise level was over S9 here.  I kept switching between my high
beam, low beam, beverages and K9AY for RX.  None were very good.  I felt like
an alligator at times as I could here stations calling me, but I just could not
hear them above the noise level.  I kept going between 80 and 40 but the higher
activity on 80 started well after 40 went long.  Good thing for SO2R as I was
able to pick up a few mults by jumping between bands.  About 03:30 I was
watching the clock and thinking that this is ALMOST OVER!

As for stats:

121 unique calls (only nine 3 band sweeps)

Hour 1 = 63
Hour 2 = 53
Hour 3 = 32
Hour 4 = 34

The only mult I heard that was missed was Mississippi.  I never even worked my
own state.

Thanks for the Qs - 

Bruce - N1LN

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