[3830] NA Sprint SSB K4BAI HP

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Sun Sep 19 19:28:08 PDT 2010

                    NA Sprint SSB Contest - September

Call: K4BAI
Operator(s): K4BAI
Station: K4BAI

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 2:00

 Band  QSOs  Op Time
   80:  33         
   40:  55         
   20:   8         
Total:  96     Mults = 32  Total Score = 3,072

Club: South East Contest Club

Team: South East Contest Club


FT1000MP, AL811H, 500W, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee.  Took XYL out to
dinner and to a concert by Emile Pandolfi, a pianist and comedian.  We got home
for the last two hours of the Sprint.  20M was still open to the west coast and
Hawaii and to W9RE.  40M was long, but QSOs were still possible as short as OH,
NJ, IN, and MO.  Two Alaska stations were worked.  80M was very noisy, but QSOs
were possible with VE9AA and most everywhere else except for the far west
coast.  Two AZ stations were worked.  Heard a few W6 stations, but QRN was too
high.  Did work one station (only) below the DX window.  There was a lot of
open space down there, but no one answered my CQs there.  Worked NH6O and 20
and 40M.  Thanks for all QSOs.  South East Contest Club team brought out a good
crew from GA, AL, SC, and FL.  73, John, K4BAI.

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