[3830] SAC CW OG5A M/S HP

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Mon Sep 20 10:01:52 PDT 2010

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: OG5A
Operator(s): OH5TS, OH5XX
Station: OG5A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Hamina
Operating Time (hrs): 23

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  292    34
   40:  330    46
   20:  588    57
   15:  309    54
   10:   64    19
Total: 1583   210  Total Score = 752,220

Club: Contest Club Finland


We at RC Hamina set up an open doors station in the Gun Powder Cellar in the
very center of Hamina. The Cellar dates back from mid 1700'S and is used
nowadays for various exhebitions. Our main purpose was to participate in the
Night of Lights annual happening on Friday night. Unfortunately the weather was
bad and only about a hundred visitors dropped by during the night.

Since SAC CW takes place in the same weekend we decided to run the contest from
the site with open doors. The station consisted of a 12 meter tower with A3S
tribander and a mast holding a 40 m delta loop. A 80 m dipole was erected
between those two poles, having an effective height of less than 10 m. 

The very modest set up worked well. The nicest surprise by far was about a
dozen W, two VE,  a PY and a Ja station on 80 m, who all answered to our cq

We did this for the second time but it was still an experience. The station was
erected on Thursday and Friday and we got on the air on Friday at 5 pm. The site
was completely clear only two hours after the contest  on Sunday.

Thanks to all who worked us. We will qsl all contacts via the bureau. Anyone
needing a direct please address it to OH5AD (qrz.com). The cards are in print
and will be delivered within three week.

73 de Kari OH5TS

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