[3830] Salmon Run K7WA SO Cnty DXpedMixed LP

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Mon Sep 20 11:46:44 PDT 2010

                    Washington State Salmon Run

Call: K7WA
Operator(s): K7WA
Station: K7WA

Class: SO Cnty DXpedMixed LP
QTH: Pend Orielle
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   29     66       
   40:   59     65       
   20:  105      3       
Total:  193    134      0  Mults = 87  Total Score = 91,480

Club: Western Washington DX Club


Well, it was a mixed bag this year!
After an eight-hour drive (Snoqualmie Pass is under construction) I arrived at
the Lake Leo Campground (Colville National Forest) to find it CLOSED!  (no
notice on the website) Don't know if it was a budget issue or due to logging
activity across Hwy 20 from the campground.  So I found a cozy spot up a rutted
forest road a little further east before the Hwy drops down the hill to Tiger in
the Pend Orielle valley.  Friday evening I got the 80 meter dipole up (wish I
had room for one at home) and made dinner.  This weekend I proved that it is
possible to sleep in the back of a Honda CR-V, although I wouldn't recommend
Saturday morning I got the 20 meter folded dipole up and had breakfast - then
hit the ground (bands) running at 1600Z.  Started out S&P the louder SACC
stations on 20 CW and then tried to get some SR activity going.  Checking 20
SSB, I found my 100 watts and low antenna didn't make much of an impression. 
It was a day of jumping between 20, 40, and 75, CW and SSB, and then 80 CW in
the evening.  The batteries kept things going with only about 30 minutes of sun
for the solar panel.
Saturday night I lay there like a pretzel and listened to the rain beating on
the roof.  Sunday morning I took down the antennas (still raining) and drove
home - no activity on Sunday.  I was beat and was pouring all the way to Moses
Lake (100 miles west.

Thanks for the QSOs!  Especially WB8JUI, best DX I worked on all three bands.
two 90 AH AGM batteries and TGE Booster
LDG AT-100 ProII Autotuner
20 meter folded dipole, 80 meter dipole (40 & 80)

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