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Tue Sep 21 13:28:40 PDT 2010

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: OH0R
Operator(s): OH2PM
Station: OH0R

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Aland Is
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  385    48
   40:  816    61
   20:  798    67
   15:  387    59
   10:   66    23
Total: 2452   258  Total Score = 1,493,000

Club: Contest Club Finland


Back home at Salo again and almost recovered from the positive contest stress
that SAC CW causes every every 3rd weekend of  September. SAC has been
organised 52 times during my amateur carreer and this was possibly the 50th
time when I had a possibilitty to participate. I have in the past operated also
from the other side, as far as I can remember at least from W6, HB9, BY1, and
XX9. In my experince it is  much more interesting from the Scandinavian side.
That is why I have a very high respect to those non Scandinavians who from year
to year give their support to our contest. Those a few hundrets or tens of QSOs
logged by an non Scandinavian make this enjoyable event.
This time everything worked fine at the  station, thanks to those 7 trips 
that were made with a four man team or alone during the past three months to
fix all last winter damages. No effort is too high investment for the SAC.
However, I had to give up SO2R after the first 9 hours due to some so far
unexplained audioline problems.
I managed to make only 12 multiplier transfers,it is less than usually and 
only the operator can be blaimed for that.
I did not spend much time to watch how my competitors are doing, some times
when doing S&P I heared OH0Z, OH2BH and OH4A and their QSO numbers. I never got
the QSO # of OH8X who most propably has the highes claim..
During the night hours long lasting slight static rain made it very very
difficult to hear anything on any band except on 40 where I used a deltaloop
antenna during those hours. That is why I have high QSO number on 40 but
ofcourse at the cost of QSO-count and multipliers on 20 and 80. I should make a
loop antenna for 20 and 80 as well,just in case.
When 10 m will open a little bit more it is  time to challenge the SAC contest
record hold by Toni at OH2BH from the year 2002. Who will do it remains to be
seen. I'll be over 70 by then but hopefully still having the muscular strength
to turn the amplifier band switch and not to give up and go single band. As
always my role will to make sure that nobody wins without a serious effort.
There were many top class operetors with allband capabilities participating in
SB cathegory. In my esteem 1st place in SAC SB equals to 10th place in AB.
Ofcourse I have a lot of understanding for those who cannot have an allband
antenna and their participation in any cathegory is highly appreciated.
Since it is by far more important to beat our dear SM-contesters in The
Scandinavian Cup and being an OH2 just temporarily in OH0, I think that
actually no contester in Finland shoud run single band in SAC. Even very modest
multiband operation brings considerably more points to OH-basket in the
Scandinavian Cup.It is far more worth to beat our dear Swedish competitors than
win a singleband class.
Hopefully next year I have allband antennas at home and can then after a few
years escape from the OH front line troops  be again accountable  within the
OH-team to beat the SMs.
To my great pleasure I found the activity both in Scandinavia and the rest of
the world better than last year. There were 1432 unique calls in my log.

Thanks to all who participated.
See you again in the coming up contests from somewhere.

Pertti, OH0R/OH2PM

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