[3830] NCCC Sprint WI2E LP

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Thu Sep 23 20:19:18 PDT 2010

                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - Sep 24

Call: WI2E
Operator(s): WI2E
Station: WI2E

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Bethlehem, PA
Operating Time (hrs): 0.5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   2      2
   80:  18     15
   40:  10      7
   20:   5      4
   15:   0      0
   10:   0      0
Total:  35     28  Total Score = 980



A nice finish to the NSL from here, just missing back-to-back 1k point weeks. CA
was loud on 20M immediately before the starting gun, but then it seemed my
signal would go no further than UT (thanks to the good ears of Bill, N7VM). 40M
was solid, but not as strong as last week's somewhat amazing conditions from
EPA.  It seems I was slow moving to 80M and that cost me as 0242Z to 0245Z was
barren. Otherwise, things were moving well, and I even made it to Topband for
the first time in a while. 

Rigs: K3, TS-940S
Antennas: 20M inverted Vs, 40M inverted L, 80M inverted L, K9AY loop

Thanks to Bill, N6ZFO, and the NCCC for another great ladder. I'm already
looking forward to the next one. 

As always, thanks to all for the QSOs!  



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