[3830] TxQP W5CT(@NX5M) Multi-Op HP

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Sun Sep 26 15:00:45 PDT 2010

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: W5CT
Operator(s): NX5M, N5XJ, KU5B, K5ZY, W5JDG, NE5B, NT5TU
Station: NX5M

Class: Multi-Op HP
QTH: Burleson County, TX
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:    0       0     0
   80:   95      24     0
   40:  416     727     0
   20:  254    1457     0
   15:    6     340     0
   10:    5      24     0
    6:    0       2     0
    2:    0      12     0
  UHF:    0       0     0
Total:  776    2586     0  Mults = 334  Total Score = 2,505,000

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club


We got 217 of the 254 Texas counties this year.  It was fun but it was a lot of
work as well.
Participation from around the country seemed better than last year.
We had a limited crew most of the time.  N5XJ, KU5B and NX5M were the full-time
guys again as usual.  NT5TU was able to spend 9 hours operating Saturday.  K5ZY
was a first time operator and spent a good 7 or so hours operating 15ssb.  NE5B
had limited time both days but was able to spend some time Saturday on 15ssb and
a couple of hours Sunday milking 10ssb for what it was worth.  W5JDG was only
able to be here Sunday so he got the 15m ssb chair for the 6 hours on Sunday.
We ran reduced power the whole weekend with some stations only at 100-200
This year, we used the club call of the CTDXCC (W5CT).  That took a little
getting used to as we are all so used to NX5M.  I caught myself several times
saying "Novem......nope, Whisky Five Charlie Tango".  At least when on cw I
could not make the same mistake. 
I would also like to mention that a few years ago when doing TQP for the first
time, the 15ssb operator was Dale, WA5GVE.  Not a contest-style operator but
Dale was a very fine individual.  It is unfortunate that earlier in the week
Dale became a silent key and one of the visual memories I have of Dale is him
sitting at the station operating with us.  Thanks for the q's over the years
Texas mobiles.......thanks for burning up the fuel.

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