[3830] TxQP N5LZ Single Op HP

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Sun Sep 26 15:21:27 PDT 2010

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: N5LZ
Operator(s): N5LZ
Station: N5LZ

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Utah
Operating Time (hrs): 17

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   19              
   40:   47     36       
   20:  275    242       
   15:    1              
Total:  341    278      0  Mults = 213  Total Score = 351,159

Club: Texas DX Society


Congratulations to the TQP Committee and all the Texas participants, both fixed
and mobile stations, for an outstanding contest.  I think the bar has been
raised several notches on this one.  This was the best QSO party ever in my
experience, especially considering the number of mobile stations and
multipliers available.  Every time I tuned through 20CW I’d find that at
least one or two of the mobiles had moved into another county.  There was no
time for breaks!

The mobile rovers, of course, were the stars.  Kudos to each of them.  I logged
287 qsos with 29 mobile stations.  K5NA was the winner in my log with 31 qsos 
(and thanks to Richard and several others who sent their call after every qso,
which a few consisently failed to do).  I don't know how many of my 213 county
mults were provided by the mobiles, but a good number of them were.  Mobiles
with more than 10 contacts in my log were:  K5NA (31), NO5W (28), N5RZ (21),
AD4EB (20), N5NA (18), N5TM (18), WOBH (15), W3DYA (15), WD5IYT (13), WC5T
(13), N5DO (11), WB0TEV (11).  The mobiles provided 22,500 bonus points for me
in 45 500 point blocks.  

I was fortunate to have good propagation to Texas through the entire contest
period and felt “loud” most the time.  All in all, it was 18 hours of fun.

Our RTTY contesting friends used much more than their share of the 40M band
last night, all the way down to 7025  (not cool!).

Station: K3, Alpha 9500, 3 El SteppIR w. 30/40M at 50 feet.

Thanks again,  Don, N5LZ

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