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Sun Sep 26 18:19:59 PDT 2010

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: KH2/N2NL
Operator(s): N2NL
Station: N2NL

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Guam
Operating Time (hrs): 32
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80:   55   162        5      14    13
   40:  249   732       34      48    27
   20:  283   835       22      65    29
   15:  863  2554       45      83    35
   10:  224   661        0      31    21
Total: 1674  4944      106     241   125  Total Score = 2,333,568

Club: Florida Contest Group


I really can't say that I'm a RTTY fan after operating the contest.  Generally,
the loudest caller who calls the longest wins in a pileup.  At least with CW
and SSB, there is some finesse that can be used.  For RTTY it is mostly brute
force.  I suppose there are some learned tricks I have yet to acquire, but this
was my weekend experience.  I used KH2/N2NL instead of NH2T because I figured
the longer call would help a bit in both sides of a pileup.  So far NH2T has
been a challenge on CW; many ask "N5??". 

15m was the money band all weekend long.  I tried to avoid it as much as
possible since KG6DX was single band 15, but I had to keep coming back since
that's where the action was.  EU pileups got pretty bad.  One pileup decoded to
non stop gibberish.  I got up, took a bathroom break, got a drink and a snack,
sat down and they were all still calling - still gibberish.  I think they were
even working each other thinking it was me.  I spun the dial and started a new

Really, it got pretty annoying when I was clearly trying to work a station and
someone (or several) would simply F4 F4 F4 blast away with their call which
only accomplished two things:  (1) putting doubt in the minds of me and the
station I worked that a QSO took place, and (2) bring everything to a crawl. 
Finally complete a QSO, ask QRZ, and see this on the screen: 

10M was surprisingly good with openings into Eastern EU, and the low bands were
decent.  I called many Stateside stations on 80m who called CQ in my face.

One note:  The JA RTTY band plan is 3520-3525Khz.  JAs generally do not violate
their band plans, even if it's only a "plan".  W6's calling CQ up above 3570Khz
aren't going to get many JA replies.  I had a nice JA run on 3523 Saturday

I went assisted to try to increase the fun factor.  Very cool to work TF3AO,
JW5X (two bands), and OY3JE, all very difficult paths from here.  TR8CA called
in on two bands and kudos to VQ9LA for pulling me out of his EU pileup on 80!

As bad as my comments may seem, radiosporting in any mode is fun! 11,000 QSOs
since I returned to the air from KH2 exactly 3 months ago.  Hoping for many
more in the future.

Thanks to all for the QSOs!  See you next month in the Sideband contest!

73, Dave KH2/N2NL

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