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Sun Sep 26 18:30:24 PDT 2010

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: N7WS
Operator(s): N7WS
Station: N7WS

Class: SOSB/20 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 23

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX  Zones
   40:    9    18       4       7     6
   20:  714  1269      55      75    30
   15:   19    46       5      11    11
Total:  714  1269      55      75    30  Total Score = 203,040

Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club


Forty and 15-meters for check log only.

As a licensed ham for 52 years I've been on RTTY less than a year and only
semi-seriously contesting for about the same.  I've discovered that 48 hours is
too many for me.  On and off for 24 was a stretch too, but I made it.

My shack is in what amounts to a walk-in closet with no A/C.  The old Drake
L-4B held up like a champ, although I could have made toast on the cabinet. I
ran about 400W most of the time, unless condx required more then I turned up
the heat.  The shack temp got up to 90F at times.

Conditions were OK, not great but not too bad either.  High points were working
VU and having ST2AR answer my CQ for new ones on RTTY.  Low point was running on
a frequency for two hours and having a guy come on and say I was on top of HL
somebody. When I replied that I had been on the freq for hours, he said I
needed a new watch.  I didn't realize I had a time keeper watching out for me.

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