[3830] TxQP KB9OWD Single Op LP

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Sun Sep 26 19:34:51 PDT 2010

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: KB9OWD
Operator(s): KB9OWD
Station: KB9OWD

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 17.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   13      1       
   40:   46     28       
   20:  295    194       
   15:    1      6       
Total:  355    229      0  Mults = 217  Total Score = 355,491

Club: Society of Midwest Contesters


I had absolutely no plans to do this one until Friday during the day.  My plan
was to try and get things going on RTTY and do CQWW RTTY and give out only a
few QSO's in this one.  Well, Friday evening I was having RTTY issues, couldn't
get things to "talk" like I wanted and ended up only handing out 58 QSO's in the
RTTY contest.

With that taking back burner, it left my more time to play in this one and I
ended up staying in the chair all but 1/2 hour.  The only off time was 2 short
bathroom breaks and 15 min Saturday afternoon to run to the grocery store down
the street to grab some lunch.

My wife was out of town at a gathering until Saturday evening.  At the end of
the first 12, I was too hooked to stop then and made my reservations with her
to put in 6 hours on Sunday.  It was non stop action with the mobiles always
seeming to be somewhere new which kept it hopping on CW.  I felt loud all
weekend and signals on 20 were great at all times!  40 was too short alot of
the time and other than the first hour or so each day and Saturday evening, not
alot there.  W5CT was 30 over on 15 mid day Saturday but nothing else to be had
there.  I CQed on 15 a few times with minimal results.

What a great job the mobiles did to keep it fun.  Some excellent ops out there.
 Some with way too many qso's before giving a call which got frustrating at
times, but all in all, great ops down there!  I ended up, by my math, with
25,000 bonus points highlighted by the following mobiles (number of counties in
() ).

K5NA (35)
AD4EB (30)
NO5W (30)
W0BH (28)
N5RZ (27)
W3DYA (21)
N5NA (19)
WD5IYT (14)
K5UN (13)
W5TM (13)
N5TM (12)
N3BB (7)
N5DO (7)
N9JF (7)
WC5T (6)
N5XTR (6)
KE5LQ (6)

I have to crunch the numbers a bit and go over these again before I submit the
log to make sure I am right, but my rough counting and double check shows that
as being right.  With SSB counted, had over 40 QSO's with K5NA!  

40 is very tough with the RTTY test going at the same time.  Also, I listed to
the my CQ message I don't know how many times.  "CQ Texas, CQ any stations in
Texas from Kilo Bravo Nine, Oscar Whiskey Delta, KB9 Oscar Whiskey Delta any
stations in Texas please".  Even with the word Texas being in the message 3
times, I believe I made it about half way to worked all states this weekend

Thanks to the sponsors and to all the TX stations for taking my "couple qso"
plan and keeping me in the chair for 17 1/2 hours, you folks host a great


Ryan  KB9OWD

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