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Sun Sep 26 20:25:13 PDT 2010

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: KR7X
Operator(s): KR7X
Station: K7ZSD

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: NW Oregon
Operating Time (hrs): 34
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80:   50    58       24       5     6
   40:  445   741       50      52    22
   20:  836  1665       52      69    28
   15:  344   560       44      28    21
   10:    5    15        0       3     3
Total: 1680  3039      170     157    80  Total Score = 1,236,873

Club: Willamette Valley DX Club


Another year and another RTTY CQWW at Smoke Ranch. Brad (K7ZSD) and Ruth were
terrific hosts,as always, and quite tolerant at letting me intrude with this
mayhem. This mayhem is kind of like this altered line from Olde Willy:"Cry
'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of RTTY(War)." It was kind of a semi-controlled
Havoc of my own making.

I think I got cocky after several years of SO2R and so I decided to change the
logging software from Win-Test to N1MM. I underestimated the learning curve and
the undocumented quirks of the new software. Don't get me wrong it is a good
application but so is Win-Test and I had become comfortable with Win-Test, but
the Digital Windows and mouse automation of N1MM came calling. I made a ton of
mistakes so if I seem slow and cumbersome to you in our QSO, I was. It took me
2/3 of the test to get a feel and a rhythm with its processes. I think I will
be e-mailing the authors about some improvements or clarifications.

This year was basically a duplicate of last year I did a few more Q's but had a
lower score, bad choice of operation tactics and the old learning curve. There
seemed to be more activity which is good but I'm not sure if it was better
propagation or more players. I hope it is both but more players is the most
important thing. 

It was good fun and that in itself is a important thought to keep in mind. So
again thanks to all who gave me a Q and to those I QRM'd it was nothing

Ciao and 73
Hank / KR7X

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