[3830] CQ WW RTTY 9A/VE3ZIK(@9A3MR) SOSB/20 LP

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Mon Sep 27 01:17:00 PDT 2010

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: 9A/VE3ZIK
Operator(s): VE3ZIK
Station: 9A3MR

Class: SOSB/20 LP
QTH: Murter Island CI074
Operating Time (hrs): 35.8

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX  Zones
   20:  871  2058      48      92    31
Total:  871  2058      48      92    31  Total Score = 351,918



My first ever WW RTTY Contest. Actually, my second ever complete RRTY Contest :)
Time to time I really enjoyed pile ups but a lot of time was S/P, up & down, up
& down.
in Saturday I worked only three  JAs until I came to idea something was wrong.
Thanks to google, I saw JAs RTTY window is between 070 and 110, and this could
be a problem for low power station because it is really hard to find a good
frequency in this part of the band. anyway, 20 JAs on the log, next time I know
what should I do HI. 
Rain was present almost all weekend here. In Saturday I had for about one hour
heavy QRN, rest of the contest was ok. 
I used my Icom 738 which is not actually too much good radio for RTTY. Thanks
to some people who really heard and moved a little bit from my frequency (R3BB,
thanks for a small QSY, after that I worked my rest 17 JAs HI). The antennas was
an Optibeam OB 7-3 on 15m high and a small quarter wave vertical for a quick
change .
The next thing and it was really frustrating to me time to time is - SCP. Super
check partial is a great thing, but... In SCP is also Roger, VE3ZI. My problem
is, people do not look exactly in the their monitors, they see VE3ZI in another
color and that's it. There was a couple of them where I really do not sure if
there received exactly my call, despite i repeated them several times. 
At the end, it was a very very nice contest.
Thanks to 9A3MR and his wife for a great hospitality.

Hope to see you in 2011 Contest.

QSL as usual goes via DO7ZZ, DARC bureau, eQSL and LotW.


Zrinko (Zik) VE3ZIK, DO7ZZ, YT3ZZ

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