[3830] TxQP N5NA SO CW Mobile LP

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Mon Sep 27 20:27:53 PDT 2010

                    Texas QSO Party

Call: N5NA
Operator(s): N5NA
Station: N5NA

Class: SO CW Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:   519             
   20:   973             
   15:     8             
Total:  1500    0       0  Mults = 141  Total Score = 661,000



Thanks for a fun weekend!  The activity level was just amazing.  I ran the same
25 WTX counties as last year but increased my QSO total by over 300 QSO's and
the mults by 35.

The weather on Saturday was raining which is always a welcome sight in WTX.  I
think the rain greatly reduced the power line noise along the roads.  I don't
think the noise levels have ever been so low for me.

We pulled into our Saturday night stop in Alpine around 8 pm.  I still had a
pileup going on 40m from Brewster but after 11 hours on the road by brain was
fried and I pulled the plug.  I apologize to those still calling.

It was good to work some other WTX mobiles.  The last few years it's been
pretty lonely in the large WTX counties.  This year I picked up several WTX
counties from N5DO/M, N5RZ/M, and N9JF/M.  N5RZ and I met in Crockett county as
he was heading south and I was heading north to Irion.  That was the first ever
intra-county QSO for me!

Just like last year I made it to our last county, Ector, with just minutes to
spare before the end of the party.  I thought I had allowed plenty of time to
make it to Ector but I guess I need to eat and gas up faster!

Equipment was a K3/100, HS-1500 antenna, Inspiron computer running CQ/X, and a
Chevy C2500 antenna support.

Thanks to everyone who called and, as always, a big thanks to my wife and
driver, K5AKS!

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSO's:
N4JF(27), VE3KZ(24), KV8Q(22), K9DU(21), K0DEQ(20), KB9OWD(20), WB2ABD(20),
NT2A(20), K5LH(19), K4AMC(19), K9YC(18), W4UCZ(18), N9CK(18), DL3DXX(17),
N5LZ(17), K8QWY(16), KI2G(16), KN4Y(16), WA3HAE(16), W0GXQ(16), N4CD(16),
W5CT(15), W8TM(15), WA6KHK(14), K0PC(13), K4YT(13), N4JT(13), NR5M(13),
K9EN(12), N1LN(12), KE0G(12), K0JPL(11), W5JAW(11), N4AAI(11), KD5JWC(11),
K2RP(11), K8MFO(10), N8II(10), W4AWF(10), NT5O(10), N5WR(10), K4ZGB(9),
WI5ID(9), W5ASP(9), KI6OY(9), AA4GT(9), W5SL(9), W5ESE(9), N6EP(9), W7GVE(9),
N9FC(9),NA4K(8), K4MM(8), N3UM(8), W1END(8), N9AUG(8), and NV9X(8).

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