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Tue Sep 28 05:39:53 PDT 2010

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: IT9BLB
Station: IT9BLB

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Palermo - JM68QE
Operating Time (hrs): 47:58

 Band  QSOs  Pts   State/Prov  DX   Zones
   80:  443   957       22      63    17
   40:  844  2034       45      85    27
   20: 1382  3282       57      94    34
   15: 1207  3108       51     110    38
   10:  112   277        0      52    24
Total: 3988  9658      175     404   140  Total Score = 6,944,102

Club: ARIPA DX Team


It was an incredible contest weekend! Our first Multi-Op try in CQWW RTTY: no
real targets, having no previous know-how. With just a loop on 80m, a single
vertical on 40m and no RX antennas, we had to focus our best runs on the high
bands. 20m gave us their usual big numbers but 15m were the real super
surprise, with unexpected long and constant openings on both days. 10m produced
a nice number of interesting multipliers; also found a couple of Es openings
around 1000-1500 Km to EU with just few stations active because the high
activity focused on 15m.
Remember: some "fantasy" can often give fantastic surprises on 10m .....!

We enjoyed GETSCORE.ORG all the contest long too. Finding just few M/2 stations
on line was a real pity (not many M/S & M/M indeed), we'd have liked some more
of them to have some comparative numbers during our "race in the dark". At the
end, with a really big surprise, we overcome the EU continental record and,
considering the UFB conditions, a lot of better stations will do the same with
better scores too. Summing up: great experience, fun, fun and then FUN!

Congrats to IQ1RY and DQ4W for their scores and thanks to have been on
GETSCORES too. Congrats to the IK4MGP (IR4M) crew for the excellent score in
M/S, well topping the EU record.

Joe, IT9BLB - One of IR9Y crew

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