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Thu Feb 24 07:01:52 PST 2011

                    ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: TI5A
Operator(s): N3KS, CT1ILT, NI1N, WX3B
Station: TI5A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Costa Rica
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  270    55
   80:  837    59
   40: 1426    59
   20: 1637    60
   15: 1083    57
   10: 1389    56
Total: 6642   346  Total Score = 6,894,396

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


TI5A Soapbox

Costa Rica in February is sure a great place to do a contest expedition.  It is
the ‘dry’ season and of course warm!  

Our team had a great mix of talent, including Tom handling the low bands,
Filipe the speed merchant flying through the high rate periods, and Kam and
myself picking up any slack.

We installed some antennas ‘field day’ style, and were pleasantly surprised
at the results.  A lot of credit goes to effort by which the team supported a
tribander at 42ft, and ‘sling shot’ a 160m vertical over a tree.  We also
assembled an 80m pole vertical that played very well.

We started the contest on 20m, and the rate was stellar.  Filipe put in two
200+ hours in a row before we QSY’s to 40m.  Our station was not set up to do
much multi band S&P, so we used the second radio as a ‘band checker’ to see
how propagation was fairing on the other bands.

Into the evening Tom took over and did his usual magic swinging from 80m to
160m to 40m cycling throughout the night.  We felt loud on 80m and 40m and not
quite so on 160m.  

NI1N was faithfully at the radio each evening until the morning…digging for
every last QSO he could find, and every multiplier he could work and pass.  Tom
was also the group statistician and kept accurate hourly totals of our progress
with an eye toward last year’s winning score.

Our radio highlights included:  zero defects during the contest(!), low noise
floor, huge signals to/from the USA, meeting Freddy and Chris during our
antenna parties, fantastic runs from the beginning of the contest, and
incredible activity in general.   

There were also the non-radio highlights including the camaraderie developed by
our team, the scenic location, and some interesting animals we learned about
along the way (howler monkeys and birds).

The team would like to thank Carlos (Keko) Diez, TI5KD for his logistical
support.   Many hams have had a great experience in Costa Rica because of Keko,
and we are no exception.  

Congratulations to Brooke, N2BA who had a great 15m single band effort from TI5
and thanks to all the hams that gave us QSOs in the contest.

On behalf of team TI5A,
Very 73,

Jim,   WX3B
Kam, N3KS
Filipe, CT1ILT
Tom, NI1N

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